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15 November 2019
Dawn view of Toledo. Castile–La Mancha,  Spain

For those who want to study in the state universities in Spain there is a required exam called ‘’The Selectividad’’ which is also very similar to the university entrance exam in Turkey.

To be succesful in this exam you need to have a higher level of Spanish knowledge. Most of the international students choose private universities for this reason, because this exam is too difficult. In general, the education lasts three years and programmes in English are available. Most of the universities have YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Council) equivalance.

Annual Tuition Fee: 1000-3500 € (for State Universities)

6000-20000 € (for Private Universities)

Monthly rent:             800-1000 €

To get your EU valid diploma with YOK equality, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.