Study AbroadForeign Certificate Programs

15 November 2019
Yurt Dışı Sertifika Programları

Foreign Certificate Programs become more and more preferable in Turkey.

These programs will provide the students to take the theoretical education and then combine it with internship and working.

Application conditions of these programs are easier then graduate programs. The exams like GRE/GMAT or the language tests like IELTS/TOEFL are not a neccessity for applying these programs. Also high under graduate scores are not needed, either. It may take from one mounth up to three years to take these programs and students should select the programs eligibly accordıing to their need in the future business life.

The biggest advantage of the certificate programs is giving the practice of the education taken by under graduate programs. Students can find the chance to experience the academic approach in bussiness life.

This programme is a short-term expertise program. No equivalance is required in Turkey since no such programmes is found here.

For application;

Under graduate diploma



İs needed but just no higher grades is asked.

Tuition Fees depends on the programme and the country you choose. It is advisable to make the application before six to eight months of the start of the programme due to quota and visa applications.

Please contact to WOO ACADEMIA for applying hundreds of certificate programs from all over the world.