Education Career CounselingThe Process of Education and Career Counseling

15 November 2019

Safe environment: ECC process should be in a safe and secure environment where a student feels comfortable enough to share his/her own life and career targets.

This student should be aware that all shared information can not be stated to other parties without the approval of the student.

Mutual trust: In ECC process, mutual trust is the foundation of the relationship between the student and the counselor. The counselor may need to address some delicate issues related with the students emotional and/or developmental being in order to help the student. This shoud not have an affect on the parents and students trust on the counselor.

Appropriate psychometric Tests: Psychometric tests are standardized and scientific tests designed to assess the aptitude and personality of the student. These are one of the most important tools for the counselor to have in depth information about the attitudes, emotional state, interest and skills of the student. After analyzing the results of these tests, the councelor gains a vivid idea about what type of careers match the student.