Study AbroadUniversityUnited States of America

21 November 2019

US is highly preferable for the candidates who wish to study abroad. 

Almost one third of the international students choose to study in America.  It is also the most developed country in the world in science, arts, technology and education with nearly four thousand universities. Students who choose US for education will both learn the most spoken language and get their diploma from the most prestigious universities in the world.

There are also work oppurtunities in US during your education process. Students who will study for four years can apply to CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) system and get work permission up to 20 hours/week in campus during the college life. Besides, just before the gardutaion, students can apply to OPT (Optional Practical Training) system and get a work permission that will be valid right after their graduation for one year. Students also have a chance to extend this permit for one more year.

US has the highest number of universities in the list of top univeristies in the world.

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology) (1st – QS)
  • Stanford University (2nd – QS)
  • Harvard University (3rd – QS)
  • California Institute of Technology (4th – QS)
  • University of Chicago (9th – QS)
  • Princeton University (13th – QS)
  • Cornell University (14th – QS)
  • Yale University (16th – QS)
  • Johns Hopkins University (17th – QS)
  • Columbia University (18th – QS)
  • University of California, Berkeley (27th – QS)

Students who wish to study under graduation programmes in US should have higher high school grades. Besides, necessary scores are needed from the exams like TOEFL, IELTS and getting a good score from SAT test (an efficiency test) is a must to study for most of the under graduation programmes.

In general, education starts in september and january in US. Students who plan to start their education in September should finish the application process in the past January or February. After this period, universities do not evaluate the applications.


US has wonderful nature and cities and hosts many different people from different nations and cultures. It may not always be budget friendly to live and study in US. Living and studying expenses varies from state to state and can be pushing sometimes.