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21 November 2019
Red bus in motion, Big Ben and Westminster Palace in London, the UK. at night. View from Westminster Bridge. Moon shining, vintage, retro.

United Kingdom is one of the most preferable countries for the international students who wish to study abroad. Under graduation usually lasts three years.

The students who wish to study in UK should have an IB or A level diploma. Otherwise, they should take foundation classes in order to prepare themselves for the english education system. A minimum of 5.5 IELTS score is a must for the acceptance to the foundation schools.

Some of the world famous universities like Cambridge and Oxford are located in UK and provide a very wide range of education opportunities.

Annual Tuition Fee: 13.000-27.000 GBP

Living Expenses: 9000-15.000 GBP

Students can have work permission during their education period. For more details and to get your  diploma from universities in UK with YÖK equivalence, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.