18 November 2019
Blog Öğrenciler

Importance of career selection; Choosing a career may be one of the most important decissions you have to make throughout your life.

This is so much more that deciding on how to earn your money to make living. We spend more than %70 of our time in our job. This is where the significance of choosing the right career that will make us happy and satisfied.

4 Steps in planning your Career

  • Self Assessment: You can explore your talents, aptitudes, personality and fields of interest by analyzing the results of scientific psychometric tests
  • Explore Careers: Learn about different types of careers based on your self-assessment
  • Find the Right Career: Match your potential with the appropriate career
  • Take Action: Find the best schools and programs that match your career

Do’s for students in career selection

  • Always consider your values, talents, interests and personality
  • Explore your career options
  • Make sure you are a well-match for your potential career
  • Be aware of the new career trends

Dont’s for students in career selection

  • Listening to people who tell you what you should or should not choose
  • Failing to make comprehensive research about career options
  • Inadequate self-assessment
  • Focusing only on financial gain