15 November 2019
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You are confused about your future; what should your next step be? Which career would make you happy? Well, do you have the necessary talent to work in that career, or would that career be sufficient enough for you financially? Which university should you study at? Is studying abroad too expensive for you and your family?

Here is the solution:
  • Pre-meeting with our expert Career Counselors
  • Psychometric tests to measure your personality, interests, talents, and possible career
  • choices
  • Testing of your English level
  • Evaluation / Analysis
  • Educational support, if necessary
  • Exploring career fields based on previous steps
  • Choosing your department / Program for university
  • Choosing the appropriate country and school
  • Assistance in university application process
  • Reviewing Acceptance letters from the universities and selection
  • Visa applicaiton
  • Orientation before departure