International AssessmentPreparation for International Examinations

15 November 2019
Sınav Hazırlık Kursları

Woo Academia helps the students to be accepted to the best universities worldwide.

Many abroad universities request English Proficiency tests plus subject tests (Mathematics, Physics and alike). Woo Academia with the expert staff, support students to gain high scores from tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, IB, AP that will help their admission to the desired university.

Our experienced instructors have at least 20 years of expertise in their fields, and also have university instructor backgrounds. First, practice tests are administered to assess the level of the student. After, the parts that need to be developed are determined, our instructors inform the student and parents about the current situation of the student and the steps to be taken in order for the student to achieve a high score in the desired test.

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