18 November 2019
Blog Aileler

A well-planned career is a must for a happy and satisfied life. Since parents have already experienced this process, should help their children in order for them not to make any mistakes.

They should make this process as smooth as possible for their children, yet should not directly influence their career choice. Although their prior experience may have a positive influence on the child, this may also arise as a set back for the career choice of their children. The new technological era brought about many changes in the career fields, which parents may not even be aware of. So, they should keep an open mind about the new career trends.

The Changing role of parents in career selection

Parents are no longer authority figures; but rather they monitor and guide their children in the best possible way. Although this may not be exactly true in Turkey, but in many countries the education system is designed to support the independence of the student and encourage them to make their own decissions which may diminish the influence of parents in this aspect. Involved parents not only spend time to know the strengths and weaknesses of their child, but also follow the new career trends that emerged which did not exist while they had to make their own career choice. These information would help their children to select the best career path.

Things to consider for families

  • Aptitude
  • Interest
  • Herd mentality
  • Contest
  • Financial gain

Do’s for Parents

  • Objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses of their child
  • Help the child to explore his/her passion and interests
  • Motivate the child to pursue his/her passion and interests
  • Giving detailed information about different career options
  • Help their child to meet with professionals in their potential career
  • Discourage their child to give his/her decission based on their friend’s choice
  • Creating a safe environment for the child to share any worries the child may have
  • Not to hesitate to consult to an expert when necessary

Dont’s for Parents

  • Dictating the child which career he/she should choose rather than providing the necessary information and let them do it on their own.
  • Negatively influencing the emotional state of the child by having unrealistic expectations
  • Being impatient while dealing with the questions the child might have
  • Ignoring the growing new trends of careers and insisting he/she should choose the career that they wish
  • Misleading the child due to lack of information
  • Letting other family members, relatives or friends to influence the child on his/her career decission