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15 November 2019
bicycles on the street. Amsterdam.

Most of the universities in Netherlands are in top spots and are choosen for this reason.

The most popular departments are engineering and science which also has English based education systems. There are 4 universities in Netherlands which are in top 100. The universities also has YÖK (Higher Educaiton Council) equivalance.

Netherlands is very attractive with its nice climate and thrilling nature and also has a very fast living style.

For the application, IELTS around 6-6.5 and International high school diploma is necessary. If you don’t have that kind of diploma, you can take “Foundation” programmes. IELTS score 5 will be enough for application to Foundation programmes.

You will have a temporary work or stay permission for 6 more months after you have graduated from your department. During this period, if you find a job, you may change this permission into a permanent residence permission.

Annual Tuition Fee: 8000-12000 €

Monthly rent: 400-650 €

Monthly food expense: 500 €

The diploma taken from the universities in Netherlands is valid both in Turkey and EU.

The students who studied in Netherlands will have a Schengen visa and be able to travel all across Europe during their educational life.

To get your Netherlands and EU valid diploma with YOK equality, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.