TrainingsJunior Academy

15 November 2019
Çocuk Akademisi

As Woo Academia, we offer activities in a safe and secure environment for improving children’s emotional, physical, social and mental capacities.

We aim to increase self-confidence of the children as well as developing their problem-solving, analytical thinking, and social communication by using game-based activities. Woo Academia offers all activities in English language, as we are aware of the importance of learning, and being exposed to a language in early ages help the children to earn their self-reliance.

Woo Academia offers:

  • English Drama: By English Drama coures, Woo Academia ensures to create a safe environment for the child to feel comfortable, help them to focus on the topic given by the instructor, encourage them to speak in front of his/her friends and improve their English language skills, which will build confidence for the student.

This course is given by experts from graduates of Performing Arts Departments. Duration of each session is 45 minutes. It is offered twice a week, two sections each.

  • English Game Club: The fun way to learn English is by playing games.
  • Study Group: We support our children to complete their assignments and projects.
  • Spanish