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15 November 2019
Panorama of Budapest

Hungary is a country located in the Middle Europe. Even the life quality is high, prices are interestingly low.

Almost every university has YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Council)  equivalance and even the most famous medical school are in Hungary. Universities do not seek any special conditions from the Turkish students, sometimes only a high school diploma will be enough for acceptance.

After graduation, you will have one year of work permit and your employer can extend this permit as long as he/she wants. This will give students a chance to face interesting carreer ooportunities.

Montly Rent: 750 TL

Food: 1000 TL

Transportation: 125 TL

Insurance: 63 TL

Various Expenses: 250 TL

Total: 2188 TL                      10 Months: 21800 TL

Annual Tuition Fee: 17500 TL

Total: 39300 TL:

Turkish students can apply to the scholarship given by Hungarian government over WOO ACADEMIA.

The diploma taken from the universities in Hungary is valid both in Turkey and EU.

The students who studied in Hungary will have a Schengen visa and be able to travel all acroos Europe during their educational life.

To get your Germany and EU valid diploma with YOK equality for a price much more cheaper than a private university tuition in Turkey, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.