High SchoolStudy AbroadHigh School Education in Canada

15 November 2019
Flag of Canada

Getting a high school education in Canada can provide access without an exam to most of the universities both in Turkey and in Canada. It will allow you to improve your English and ghave a chance to share social environment.

Students who completed high school education and are at the age 17 or 18 can go to college. Canada has high education quality and success of students. High school education usually starts in September and ends in June. Most of the state high schools in Canada accepts international students.

As a condition students who wants to study in state high schools should stay with a family. There is a tuition and students has the chance to study both English and French.

Private high schools have the same syllabus with the state high schools with less quantity of students giving the advantage of more detailed and professional education. Tuition surely is expected to be higher than the state schools.