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15 November 2019
View of Dresden, Germany.  Street in historical center

Germany is one of the favourite countries for Turkish students with it’s developed industry and job opportunities among the other EU countries.

Students especially show interest to the engineering faculties. Tuitions are relatively low and there is a chance to find a job after graduation. Most of the undergraduate programs seek for general ability of speaking German but for there are some gradute programs with English language, too.

The preparatory year for German language is given by the language schools.

In general, undergraduate programs last three years, with an addition of one year if preparatory is needed. For the application of the private universities, IELTS is needed with a grade of 6. Getting into the universtiy program you want in Turkey is also a condition to apply for the universities in Germany. For the candidates with the degrees like Abitur, IB, and Matura, this condition do not apply. Most of the universities in Germany have the Higher Education Council (YÖK) equivalance. Living expenses may vary in cities and are higher then the others in big cities like Berlin or Munich.

Average Mothly Accomodation Expense: 300-600 €

Average Monthly Living Expense: 300-800 €

During your education, 1 year of tuition should be kept in a German bank (8640 €)

The diploma taken from the universities in Germany is valid both in Turkey and EU.

The students who studied in Germany will have a Schengen visa and be able to travel all acroos Europe during their educational life.

To get your Germany and EU valid diploma with YÖK equivalence for a price much more cheaper than a private university tuition in Turkey, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.