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15 November 2019

France becomes prominent with its success in higher education and being the center of culture and art in the world.

For most undergraduate education programmes, the language is French and they have YÖK Higher Education Council) equivalance. Most of the universities in France is in the top 500 universities of the world. Getting into the university program you want in Turkey is also a condition to apply for the universities in France.

TOEFL, DALF or TFC score is a must depending whether the programme you choose is in English or French.

French Government meets most of the  tuition fee of both local and the international students’.

Annual Tuition Fee: 150-2000 €

Montly Rent: 120-700 €

To get your France and EU valid diploma with YOK equality for a price much more cheaper than a private university tuition in Turkey, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.