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21 November 2019

Estonia is the country of beautiful cities in Northern Europe, near the Baltic Sea.

The high quality education with lower costs makes it more preferable in the last few years. In Talin, the capital city, public transport is free of charge. Fraud and theft is hardly seen in Estonia so it is also a safe country.

Undergraduate study lasts for 3 years and the diploma has international acceptance.

Besides high advantages of education and low costs, Estonia also provides work opportunities. Students are allowed to seek for a job for 6 months after graduation.

Annual Tuition Fee: 3000-5000 €

Monthly Accomodation: 100-150 €

The three biggest universities of Estonia is also placed in the top 500 universities of the world. Universities has YÖK equivalance. Education level is pretty high in Estonia and more then 70% of the citizens speak English.

For the application;

High School Diploma Score (70+)



If your English level is not enough, there are preparatory schools. The application conditions and dates should be followed up carefully. With the help of consultancy of WOO ACADEMIA, your application-acceptance process will end up without any problems. Plase contact Woo Academia for further information.