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15 November 2019
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Canada is a high priority destination for the international students because of high education quality, well improved economy and being one of the most secure countries in the world.

The work permit given to students is also a good reason to choose studying in Canada.

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and there are two national languages, French and English.

Canada is the first choice for Turkish high school gradute students in student exchange programs.

You can choose to study art/tech schools in Canada.

Students studying in a private university in Canada can have work permit in the campus boundaries after satisfying some conditions. If you are studying in a state university and your school got a permit from the government, then you may have a chance of working outside of the campus in a total of 20 hours/week. For this to happen, you should apply for work permit, have some good grades and completed 6 months of your education.

IELTS/TOEFL scores are a must for applying to universities in Canada. If your English level is not adequate, you scan take PATHWAY courses and then continue your study. Universities have YÖK (Higher Education Council) equivalance and the biggest advantage of Canada is that students can have work permit or immigration application after finishing their study.

Annual Tuition Fee: 45000 CAD

Monthly Rent: 500-1000 CAD

For more infomation, please contact WOO ACADEMIA.