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15 November 2019
Flag of Bulgaria with Coat of Arms

For the living standarts, our neighbour is the cheapest country in Europe.

This makes Bulgaria one of the important choices of students. Both education and living expenses are cheaper compared to Turkey. Also travelling to and from Bulgaria is an advantage because of the low distance.

When applying to Universities in Bulgaria;

  • High School Diploma
  • IELTS/TOEFL, according to your choice of education language

Will be enough for documentation

You also have a chance to attend 9 months of preparatory school.

You don’t need to study a faculty that you don’t want in Turkey, you can study your dream faculty in Europe.

Universities in Bulgaria has YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Council) equivalance and diploma are also valid in Europe.

You might have a chance of internship advantage from multinational companies

Annual Tuition: 2500-5000 €

Monthly Rent: 60-150 €

Please contact WOO ACADEMIA for more information